Herschede Model 294 "Haverford"

This is a partially restored vintage American Tall Case clock which was manufactured by the Herschede Starkville, Mississippi factory ca 1961 — 1965.   The Haverford has a courtly design reminiscent of the English regency.   The case has authentic carvings, beveled glass with book-matched crotch Fruitwood overlays. This model was manufactured in Mahogany and Cherry and as you can tell, this one's case is made from Cherry.   It has one of Herschede's highest quality three train, nine-bell, triple chime movements with a moving moon, gold-plated, hand-engraved dial. The chime and strike trains can be silenced independently.   It measures 87"H, 24 1/4"W, 14 3/4"D and would be well suited in just about any modern home.

The price is $5,250. Shipping, Handling and Insurance is not included.   We accept PayPal (Price plus 3% PayPal fee), cash or check.   The clock was originally sold in the Oakland, CA area and comes with the original documentation, key and winding crank.   As found, three of the nine tubular bells had cracks and were replaced with appropriate, authentic Herschede tubular bells.   It was also missing the top board of the case which acts as a dust cover and allows limited access to the top of the movement.   This board is not normally visible but in order to meet or exceed original specifications it was replaced with a custom fit and finished board of solid cherry.   There was a repair made to the right front foot and minor refinish/restoration to the bottom right panel.   The rest of the finish is original and shows minor, age-appropriate crazing.

This clock has been recently lubricated with a good quality clock oil and is in good running order. We do not know when it was last overhauled so we are selling it "As is" with no guarantees.   We recommend that the buyer have the movement overhauled and at the very least have weight cables replaced before placing this clock in service. Herschede weights are notoriously heavy and if a cable breaks, the floor of the case, and possibly the floor underneath the clock could be seriously damaged.   We attempt to reduce the chances of this happening by including a custom fit and finished, removable 3/4" plywood board to be placed over the floor of the case. In cases of weight cable, or tubular bell cord failure this protective board would help to protect and minimize damage to the case.   Of course the weight shells, bells or beveled case glass could still be damaged. Do not risk running any tall case clock with worn cables, cords or chains!

We would be happy to perform an overhaul service and finish the restoration of this clock prior to shipping for an additional fee of $550. Our overhaul and full restoration service would include an overhaul with complete disassembly of the movement cleaning, inspection, all pivots polished, new bushings where needed, new cables, reassembly and lubrication with high quality synthetic clock oil and grease. We would also apply two coats of high quality furniture paste wax to the case, polish the brass weight shells, replace the leather tips on all nine hammers, re-string the hammers as well as the tubular bells and "tune" the hammer spring tension. Of course the clock would have the beat and rate electronically set and regulated. The movement would be stand and case tested for at least two weeks, the chime and strike functions would be electronically monitored for a full twelve hour cycle and the moon phase dial's function checked before the clock could be released to the buyer or the buyer's agent. We offer a full one-year warranty on our complete tall case overhauls.   If any other parts are found to be badly worn and in need of repair or replacment, the problem will be fixed on a time and materials basis after the new owner has been consulted and agrees upon the estimate.
We recommend that the buyer have this clock set up by a professional after shipping and that it be professionally serviced every four to five years.

For serious inquiries, please feel free to contact us for additional photos, questions or concerns that you may have.   Our contact information is below.

Click on images for a larger view
Front view of Herschede Haverford Left front view of Haverford Right Front view of Haverford Ornate Haverford Dial
Front viewLeft front viewRight front viewOrnate Haverford Dial
Close up of Moon Dial Close up of chime selection dial Close up of Chime Silent dial Closeup of seconds dial
Close up of Moon DialClose up of triple-chime selection dialClose up of Chime Silent DialClose up of seconds dial
Close up of strike silent lever View of carved side column top Key and door carving Book-matched crotch Fruitwood overlays
Close up of strike silent leverKey and door carvingKey and door carvingsBook-matched crotch Fruitwood overlays
with floral carvings
Tubular bells and pendulum in motion Closeup of Herschede dial logo Close up "Herschede" dial inscription Original key, winding crank and provenance documentation
Tubular bells and Pendulum
in motion
Close-up of Herschede dial logoClose up "Herschede" dial inscriptionOriginal key, winding crank
and provenance documentation

To hear the quarterly eight-note Whittington Chime and hourly strike functions of this striking clock, play the video. You can hear all nine, beautifully resonant tubular bells as the movement chimes at 3:15, 3:30, 3:45 and 4:00 and strikes the top of the hour at 4:00.

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