Ingraham Black Mantel Clock

Beautiful Antique Ingraham Black Mantel or Shelf Clock,

8 day time and half hour strike, from 1900 (movement is marked PAT. OCT 8 '78 NOV 11 '79 and 3 '00, indicating March 1900), in excellent working condition.

An unusual, unlisted model, a picture or portrait clock, rarely seen. Original finish restored. Green marbleized moldings top and bottom, with an ornate oval frame, with a convex metal picture of tiny hand painted flowers flanking the face. Ornate handles on each end and ornate feet. Has incised gold design around the face and on the base, in good condition with some wear. Metal trimmings restored to their original antique gold finish with metal leaf, which is then given a protective finish. It will retain its luster and will not turn brown (as gold paint does after a couple of years).

Brass bezel with pewter trim, and pierced brass face with some patina, polished and finished. Paper time track (numbers) is original and has light aging.

Clock movement has been recently overhauled, worn bushings replaced, all time train bushings replaced. Clock movement has just been serviced (serviced means cleaned, lubricated, and balanced), using synthetic lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are superior to standard petrochemical 'oils'. They have better lubricating qualities, are longer lasting and do not discolor, smell or become gummy with age, requiring less frequent maintenance.

This clock is in excellent condition.  Except for a few minor dings usual with a clock of this age. Clock strikes hour on a cathedral gong and the half hour on a bell. Pendulum bob and key are replacements. Dimensions: 11 inches high, 17.5 inches wide, 8 inches deep.   It has been in our personal collection for about a year during which time it has been on idle display with no wear or tear.  It displays beautifully and it runs very well, but we didn't do the overhaul nor restoration and so we make no guarantees.  We acquired the clock as is, and we're offering it as is.

Price $239.00
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Close up of Dial Movement Details
Close up of DialMovement Details
Right close up Close up of ornament
Close up of right sideClose up of ornament

To see and hear the time and strike functions of this clock, play the video. You can view the healthy pendulum swing and hear the hour and half-hour strikes.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. We guarantee this clock to be as described.  We offer an unconditional return policy within one month for a full refund of the purchase price.  All shipping, handling and insurance costs are the responsibility of the Buyer. Return shipping and handling must be performed in the same manner with the same quality and quantity of packing materials as used in the original shipping. Unless it is damaged, it is best to keep the original box to pack the clock when it is being shipped or even just moved from one house to another. Shipping insurance is highly recommended.

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