Sessions Celtic 8-day Time and Strike Mantel Clock

Offered for your consideration is this Antique Sessions Enameled Black Mantel Clock called the "Celtic" from circa 1923 in Excellent restored condition.

This clock can be found in noted authority Tran Duy Ly's "Sessions Clocks" reference book on page 146.

It is 15 1/2 inches long and 10 1/2 inches high. This clocks original black enamel finish is in outstanding condition for its age.  The clock is 90 years old so of course there are some minor scratches and dents so look at the photos and judge for yourself.  The cast metal ornaments have been refinished. The Celtic features four green metal fluted columns under red marbleized moldings, five inch Arabic "Iveroid" Dial covered with convex glass. The movement is what we believe is the original Sessions eight-day hourly strike on a cathedral gong with half-hour strikes on a brass cup bell.

The movement has been completely overhauled and tested! 

This service included:

  1. Complete disassembly of movement
  2. Inspection for wear
  3. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  4. Pivot restoration and burnishing
  5. Re-bushing where indicated due to wear
  6. Clean, inspect lubricate mainsprings
  7. Polish and wax Brass
  8. Reassemble and lubricate with finest clock synthetic oil and grease
  9. Bench test and adjust for one full week on stand

The case has been fully cleaned, restored and protected:

  1. Complete disassembly of case including dial, ornaments, feet and columns
  2. Cleaning of original black enamel paint with non-abrasive cleaner
  3. Three coats of carnuba wax on enamel painted surfaces
  4. Bronze color refinishing of feet, column capitals, column bases and ornaments with several clear protective coats
  5. Application of green dye to metal fluted columns to restore their original color
  6. Polishing and waxing of stamped brass bezel
  7. Reassembly and adjustment to level

The complete clock was then reassembled and tested for another week to ensure good operation before offering it for sale.  It will come with the original pendulum bob, and an appropriately sized double-ended key.  The winding key is old and came with the clock but it does not appear to be original to the clock. 

We think that it is an outstanding example of the Sessions Celtic and we're happy to offer it to the eBay Community.

Shipping, Handling and Insurance

This clock will be extremely well packed in a large well cushioned box and shipped via the Buyer's preference of UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail. Shipping charges will include insurance.  The shipping calculator has been set up to estimate actual  shipping costs plus a $5.00 "handling fee" to cover insurance and delivery confirmation.  There is no additional charge for shipping materials or handling.   Rest assured that UPS Shipping Guidelines will be met or exceeded. 

Although this clock is in beat and has been well regulated on a level surface, it will probably need to be regulated once it is up and running in its new home.  This is normal after shipping regardless of how well it has been packed.  The movement was manufactured for easy regulation and written instructions will be sent with the clock to help the new owner to quickly get it properly adjusted.

If you have any questions, or would like additional photos, do not hesitate to ask.  We will answer all questions regarding this clock to the best of our knowledge.  Please read the description carefully and look over the photos and watch the video below as all three constitute what we believe is a full and accurate listing for this clock. 

If you decide to purchase, you'll have two weeks to return the clock if you are not satisfied. It's a very nice, solid clock. It runs extremely well and the strikes are both deeply mellow on the coiled gong as well as crisp, clear and resonant on the brass cup bell. 

Price $200.00
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Front View of Clock Back view of Clock
Front ViewBack View
Left View Right View
Left ViewRight View
Top View Bottom View
Top ViewBottom View
Close up of Dial Manufacturer's Tradmarks
Close up of DialTrademarks
Movement ready to reassemble Movement being bench tested
Movement ready to reassembleMovement being tested

We want you to be happy with your purchase. We guarantee this clock to be as described and to run trouble free for one year from the date of receipt.  We offer an unconditional return policy within one week for a full refund of the purchase price.  Shipping, handling and insurance costs will not be refunded in cases of "Buyer's remorse".  If you find that the clock is not as described, you'll have one full week to return it for a full refund (all S/H & Ins. charges included).  If you experience any problems with this clock not operating properly, just safely ship it back to us for an evaluation.  If we determine that the problem was caused by materials we used or our workmanship, we will repair the clock free of charge, return it to you at our cost and we will reimburse you for your shipping charges.  If we determine that the problem was due to something completely beyond our control we will contact you with an estimate of any necessary repairs and return shipping charges. Return shipping and handling must be performed in the same manner with the same quality and quantity of packing materials as used in the original shipping. Unless it is damaged, it is best to keep the original box to pack the clock when it is being shipped or even just moved from one house to another. Shipping insurance is highly recommended.

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