Seth Thomas "K.C.B. No. 2" Adamantine Mantel Clock

Offered for your consideration is this antique Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock. 
From the stamped date code on the bottom, we know that this clock was manufactured in January of 1906.  Although not specifically listed in Tran Duy Ly's book, the clock is identified by its label as a "K.C.B. No 2".  It looks identical to the "Clay" model which is referenced by Ly on page 440 of his "Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements" reference.  This model features six celluloid "onyx" color enhanced half columns; set against a black and red marbled Adamantine finish; accented with gold toned gilded ornamentation, and incised gold scrolling.  This ornamentation frames a 5 inch paper dial and brass bezel.  It has a very striking appearance that will go well against just about any light, or dark background.

Completely Overhauled Movement!

Completely Original cleaned and waxed Adamantine Finish!

Everything appears to be original except the double-ended Seth Thomas winding/regulating key, and Seth Thomas pendulum bob which are new and appropriate replacements. 


The measurements of the case are approximately 18 1/2" wide by 7" deep by 11 1/2" high. The covering on the case is called adamantine which is a celluloid veneer, glued to the pine wood case. Adamantine veneer was a process patented by Seth Thomas.  The material was made in black and white, and in colored patterns such as marble, onyx and a variety of wood grains such as red mahogany.

The case is in very good condition.  There are some minor, shallow scratches and a few small chips in this antique which do not detract in any appreciable way from the appearance of this antique.  Upon close inspection you'll also see some slight fading of the black adamantine.   All of these are typical age and use related flaws.

Clean up, polish and restoration

The metal ornaments had previously been painted gold.  The paint had aged poorly so we stripped the paint and applied gold toned metal leaf.  This finish will age much better than paint and it reproduces fine detail better than a coat of paint normally can do.  While it is protected by a clear acrylic coat, the finish is completely reversible.   The Adamantine was thoroughly and gently cleaned with a cleaner.  It was then hand polished and several coats of high quality carnuba paste wax were applied to help protect the finish and to fully bring out the shine and color. 

The brass bezel's hinge is nice and tight with a little sagging.  It closes tight with a snap.  The bezel is fitted with what appears to be the original flat glass.  The scrolls around the bezel and along the bottom front of the case have been touched up and are well defined, sharp borders with an aged gold color.  


The movement in the clock appears to the appropriate and original 8-day Seth Thomas 4 1/2" version of their very reliable No. 89 8-day time and strike movement. It counts the hour on a cathedral gong.  On the half hour it strikes once on a brass cup bell. The movement has been completely overhauled and is in excellent working condition.  It was disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and overhauled.  As found, the regulator mechanism was missing so a new one was partially scavenged from a derelict No. 89 movement, and partially custom fabricated to fit the dimensions of this movement's plate.  Everything that needed to be done to put it into good, reliable running order was done.  The mainsprings were cleaned, inspected, lubricated, reinstalled and tested

The movement was reassembled, readjusted and properly lubricated using high quality synthetic clock oils and grease. The leather for the gong striking hammer was replaced with new leather and the strike now has a nice rich, soft acoustics. 

You can listen to the clock strike the hour and half hour, and see its very healthy pendulum swing on the video below.

The movement was successfully bench tested for one full week before the clock was fully assembled for final testing.  It has been keeping excellent time and striking the hours and half hours accurately and without fail.

Please read the description carefully and look closely at the photos and the video. The clock's movement is a very solid performer and is ready to provide years of accurate, mechanical time keeping and striking for its new family.

Shipping, Handling and Insurance

This clock will be extremely well packed in a large well cushioned box and shipped via the Buyer's preference of UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail or USPS Parcel Select. Shipping charges will include insurance.  The shipping calculator has been set up to estimate actual shipping costs plus a $5.00 "handling fee" to help cover insurance and delivery confirmation.  There is no charge for shipping materials or handling.   Rest assured that UPS Shipping Guidelines will be met or exceeded. 

Although this clock is in beat and has been well regulated on a level surface, it will probably need to be regulated once it is up and running in its new home.  This is normal after shipping regardless of how well it has been packed.  The movement was restored back to its original manufactured condition for easy regulation and written instructions will be sent with the clock to help the new owner to quickly get it properly adjusted.

If you have any questions, or would like additional photos, do not hesitate to ask.  We will answer all questions regarding this clock to the best of our knowledge. 

Answers to the new owner's questions or assistance will be available via e-mails, or phone calls long after the auction is over.

Thank you for your consideration of our listing. Should you decide to Buy It Now, or make a serious offer, do so with confidence.  You'll have two weeks to return the clock if you are not satisfied. It's a very nice, solid clock. It runs extremely well and it's strikes are both deeply mellow on the coiled gong as well as crisp, clear and resonant on the brass cup bell. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!  

Price $425.00
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Close up of Dial Manufacturer's Tradmarks
Close up of DialTrademarks
Movement ready to reassemble Movement being bench tested
Movement ready to reassembleMovement being tested

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