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Hanson Tall Case Clock Model No 1250 ca 1930

An antique clock can be a work of art on so many levels

  • There is the clock case. Be it made of some beautiful solid or veneer wood, porcelain, marble, onyx, glass, finished white metal, brass, bronze just to name a few

  • There is the dial, made of a wide variety of materials, with its intricately numbered face. The hands, plain or fancy

  • Then there is the movement itself, literally a time machine. Accurately tracking the hours, chiming and striking the hours and minutes to announce the passage of a certain amount of time. It gives additional dimensions of time and sound to this piece of art.

  • Finally, there is the history of these wonderful antiques. Many of them over a century old. Some quite rare, others still very commonly found. Sentinels and Witnesses of Time who with a little periodic care, or sometimes with a lot of long overdue help, are still running strong for their current caretakers.  That, of course, is where we can come in to help.

    We would be more than happy to provide on-going service for your clock. See our "Services Available" page.
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